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Anna Akhmatova Museum in the Fountain House

Museums (77)
The museum was opened in 1989 to mark the centenary of Akhmatova's birthday. The main exposition divides the museum space into two parts: memorial, which restores the atmosphere of 1920-1940s in the Punins' and Akhmatova's apartment and historical & literary, recreating the poetical biography of Anna Akhmatova.
Liteynyy pr., 53
Tel: 272-22-11
Ticket office: Tu-Su 10:30-17:30, We 13-20; Mayakovskaya

Botanical Museum
Museums (77)
Museum of the history and evolution of the floral kingdom.
Professora Popova ul., 2
Tel: 234-06-73
Ticket office: Tu-Th, Cb-Su 11-16; Petrogradskaya

Cathedral of Our Savior on the Spilled Blood
Churches, Russian Orthodox >> Cathedrals (11)
Museums (77)
Built in 1883-1907 by the order of Alexander III on the spot where his father Alexander II was assassinated in 1881. Modeled on St. Basil's Church in Moscow. The Cathedral houses mosaic icons by Nesterov, Vasnetsov and others in the style of both Byzantine and modern icon painting. Among the most important elements of the cathedral is the shrine constructed on the very spot where the Emperor was fatally wounded.
Griboedova kan. nab., 2, lit. A
Tel: 315-16-36
Mo-Tu, Th-Su 11-19; Nevskiy Prospekt

Cathedral of St. Samson
Churches, Russian Orthodox >> Cathedrals (11)
One of the oldest cathedrals, built in 1728-1733 in the tradition of old Russian craftsmanship.
Museums (77)
One of the oldest cathedrals, built in 1728-1733 in the tradition of old Russian craftsmanship.
B. Sampsonievskiy pr., 41
Tel: 294-57-51
Services: Sa, Su i holidays 10:00, 18:00; Vyborgskaya

Central Museum of Railway Transport
Museums (77)
Over 6000 exhibits from the history of railway transport
Sadovaya ul., 50
Tel: 315-14-76
Mo-Th, Su 11-17; closed last Th of the month; Sennaya Ploshchad

Central Naval Museum
Museums (77)
The largest museum of its kind in the world. On display here are models of ships, navigation tools, patterns of weapon and equipment, flags and banners, paintings, numismatics, photographs and other items showing the development of the Russian fleet from the sailing ships of Petrine days to modern guided-missile submarines.
Truda pl., 5
Tel: 303-85-13
Ticket office: We-Su 11-17:15; Admiralteyskaya

Coffee Museum
Museums (77)
History of coffee, its culture and production; tasting room
Robespera nab., 14
Tel: 275-87-39
Tu-Su 11-20; Chernyshevskaya

Cruiser Aurora, Branch of the Central Naval Museum
Museums (77)
Built in 1897-1903; in 1956 was turned into museum. Contains original photos and documents dedicated to the history of the cruiser as the monument of shipbuilding, participant of four wars and the October revolution.
Petrogradskaya nab.
Tel: 230-84-40
Tu-Th, Sa-Su 10:30-16; Gorkovskaya

Defense and Siege of Leningrad Museum
Museums (77)
Founded in 1943. The exhibit features household goods, paintings, sculpture and graphics from the blockaded city.
Solyanoy per., 9
Tel: 275-72-08
Ticket office: Mo, Th-Su 10-16, Tu 10-15; closed last Th of the month; Chernyshevskaya

Elagin Palace Museum of Russian Decorative & Applied Art and XVIII - Early XX CC Interiors
Museums (77)
Designed by architect Rossi in 1818-1822; former summer residence of Empress Maria Fedorovna
Elagin ostrov, 1
Tel: 430-11-31
Ticket office: Tu-Su 10-17, Muzey: Tu-Su 10-18; Krestovskiy Ostrov

Faberge Museum
Museums (77)
The Faberge Museum is a private Museum. The basis of the collection is the largest in the world collection of works of Carl Faberge. Also in the Museum is the collection of decorative and applied art created by Russian craftsmen in the second half of XIX - early XX century. The Museum is located in the Shuvalov Palace.
Fontanki r. nab., 21
Tel: 333-26-55
We, Th, Sa, Su 11-21; Gostinyy Dvor

Gorokhovaya, 2, Branch of the State Museum of Political History of Russia
Museums (77)
The only in Russia museum dedicated to the history of Russian and Soviet special services tells about the KGB activities, fight with dissidence, terror, espionage.
Admiralteyskiy pr., 6
Tel: 312-27-42
Ticket office: Mo-Fr 10-17:30; Nevskiy Prospekt

History of Religion Museum
Museums (77)
History of Orthodox and Catholic religions, church art.
Pochtamtskaya ul., 14/5
Tel: 571-04-95
Ticket office: Mo-Tu, Th-Su 11-17:30; poslednyaya We kvartala - sanitarnyy den; Nevskiy Prospekt

Horrors of St. Petersburg
Museums (77)
Myths, mysteries, enigmatic events and legends of St. Petersburg
Marata ul., 86, TK Planeta Neptun
Tel: 313-07-04
Mo-Fr 12-21, Sa-Su 11-21; Pushkinskaya

Marble Palace, Branch of the Russian Museum
Museums (77)
Built in 1768-1785, designed by Rinaldi for Grigoriy Orlov, the favorite of Catherine the Great. Displays permanent exhibition "Foreign Painters in Russia", "Collection of Rzhevskiy Brothers" and temporary exhibits.
Millionnaya ul., 5/1
Tel: 312-91-96
Ticket office: Mo 10-16, We-Su 10-17; Nevskiy Prospekt

Menshikov Palace, Branch of the Hermitage
Museums (77)
Built in 1710-1727 by Peter the Great for his favorite Alexander Menshikov, designed by Fontana & Shedel; exhibits on 18th century Russian culture, concerts of chamber music.
Universitetskaya nab., 15
Tel: 323-11-12
Ticket office: Tu-Su 10:30-16:30; Vasileostrovskaya

Michael's (Engineer's) Castle, Branch of the Russian Museum
Museums (77)
Built in 1800, designed by Bazhenov and Brenna for Emperor Paul I. Resembles a medieval castle to protect Paul who feared assassination. Ironically, Paul was smothered in his bed on March 11, 1801. In 1823 it became the Military Engineering Academy, hence the second name.
Sadovaya ul., 2
Tel: 570-51-12
Ticket office: Mo 10-16, We-Su 10-17; Gostinyy Dvor

Military-Historical Museum of Artillery, Engineer and Signal Corps
Museums (77)
More than 850,000 exhibits of artillery, firearms and weapons, engineering equipment and communication facilities, documentary materials, military paintings.
Aleksandrovskiy park, 7
Tel: 232-02-96
Ticket office: We-Su 11-17; closed last Th of the month; Gorkovskaya

Monument to Leningrad's Heroic Defenders
Museums (77)
Architectural complex dedicated to the defense of Leningrad during World War II. Museum located underground. Free entrance.
Pobedy pl.
Tel: 373-60-36
Mo, Th-Su 10-18, Tu 10-17; closed last Tu of the month; Moskovskaya

Museum "Anna Akhmatova. Silver Century."
Museums (77)
Displays personal effects, books and autographs of beloved Russian poetess.
Avtovskaya ul., 14
Tel: 785-04-42
Ticket office: Mo-Th 10-18, Fr 10-17, Sa 10-16:30; Avtovo

Museum-Institute of the Roerich Family in St. Petersburg
Museums (77)
Memorial exhibition dedicated to the Roerich family
18-ya liniya, 1/41
Tel: 323-08-85
We-Su 11-17; Vasileostrovskaya

Museum of Bread
Museums (77)
History of bread bakery from the times of Peter the Great till nowadays.
Mikhaylova ul., 2
Tel: 294-50-90
Ticket office: Tu-Sa 10-17; closed last Tu of the month; Ploshchad Lenina

Museum of eroticism «MusEros»
Museums (77)
One of the world’s biggest museums of eroticism; A unique historic ollection; 3D cinema; The largest collection of sex machines; Own reading room.
Ligovskiy pr., 43
Tel: 905-03-94
Daily 11-23; Ploshchad Vosstaniya

Museum of Military Costume
Museums (77)
Full collection of the Russian army uniforms
3-ya Sovetskaya ul., 8, lit. B
Tel: 717-08-05
Mo-Fr 14-18; Ploshchad Vosstaniya

Museum of Music in Sheremetev Palace
Museums (77)
Branch of Theater and Musical Arts Museum. Exhibit of 16th-19th century musical instruments from Western Europe; many Oriental instruments: Persian, Indian, Chinese, Tibetan and Turkish.
Fontanki r. nab., 34
Tel: 272-45-24
Ticket office: 272-44-41
Ticket office: We-Su 12-18; closed last We of the month; Gostinyy Dvor

Museum of Petersburg Avant-Garde (Matyushin House)
Museums (77)
Illustrates the main periods of establishing St. Petersburg avant-garde culture
Professora Popova ul., 10
Tel: 234-42-89
Mo-Tu, Th-Su 11-18; Petrogradskaya

Museum of Railway Equipment n.a. Chubarov
Museums (77)
Displays old steam-engines, coaches and other railway equipment
Obvodnogo kan. nab., 118, kor. 2
Tel: 457-20-63
Ticket office: We-Su 10-17; Baltiyskaya

Museum of Russian Vodka
Museums (77)
Displays 500-year history of Russian vodka; tasting, souvenirs.
Konnogvardeyskiy bulv., 4
Tel: 570-64-22
Daily 12-19; Nevskiy Prospekt

Museum of Soviet arcade machines
Museums (77)
Konyushennaya pl., 2
Tel: 185-56-35
Nevskiy Prospekt

Museum of Urban Sculpture
Museums (77)
Founded in 1932, located on the grounds of Alexander Nevskiy Monastery, exhibited are art altars from 18th-20th centuries and monument sculpture.
Nevskiy pr., 179/2, lit. A
Tel: 274-26-35
Ticket office: Mo-We, Fr-Su 9:30-16:30; Ploshchad Aleksandra Nevskogo

Muzey-arkhiv D.I. Mendeleeva Sankt-Peterburgskogo universiteta
Mendeleev Museum-Archive of St. Petersburg University
Museums (77)
Opened in 1911. Displays momorial study and devices of the great scientist.
Mendeleevskaya liniya, 2
Tel: 328-97-44
Mo-Fr 11-15:30; Vasileostrovskaya

Narva Triumphal Gates
Museums (77)
Built in 1827-1834 by Stasov, dedicated to the victory of Russia in the Patriotic War of 1812. Museum exhibition is located under the arch flight.
Stachek pl., 1
Tel: 786-97-82
We-Su 11-17; closed last Fr of the month; Narvskaya

National Pushkin Museum
Museums (77)
Displays the literary exposition "Alexander Pushkin. Life and Creative Work"
Moyki r. nab., 12
Tel: 314-00-06
Ticket office: Mo, We-Su 10:30-17; closed last Fr of the month; Nevskiy Prospekt

Penaty, Country Estate of Repin
Museums (77)
The great Russian artist lived and worked here from 1899 to 1930. The artist's cabinet, living room, dining room and studio were restored according to old photographs.
Primorskoe shos., 411
Tel: 432-08-28
Ticket office: We-Su 10:30-16; Chernaya Rechka

Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (Kunstkamera)
Museums (77)
Founded in 1714 as the first museum of Russia. Today it is among the most interesting and complete museums of its kind in the world.
Universitetskaya nab., 3
Tel: 328-14-12
Ticket office: Tu-Su 11-16:45; closed last Tu of the month; Vasileostrovskaya

Piskarevskoe Memorial Cemetery
Museums (77)
Burial site of 490000 Leningraders perished during the 1941-1944 Siege
Nepokorennykh pr., 72
Tel: 297-57-16
Ploshchad Muzhestva

Pozharno-tekhnicheskaya vystavka im. B.I. Konchaeva
Fire-Technical Exhibition n.a. Konchaev
Museums (77)
Exhibition on the history of fire guards of St. Petersburg
Bolshoy pr. V.O., 73
Tel: 718-26-94
Mo-Th 10-17, Fr 10-16 (13-14); closed last Fr of the month; Vasileostrovskaya

Pushkin House
Museums (77)
Desgned by Lukini in 1829-1832 as a customs house. Since 1905 has housed Institute of Russian Literature, in 1994 literary museum opened with exhibits of 19th century writers.
Makarova nab., 4
Tel: 328-05-02
Ticket office: Mo-Fr 11-16; closed last Fr of the month; Vasileostrovskaya

Research Museum of the Russian Academy of Arts
Museums (77)
Built in 1765-1788, designed by Kokorinov and Vallin de la Mothe, exhibit of the works of Academy graduates. Also on display are works of Russian painters from mid 19th century onwards.
Universitetskaya nab., 17
Tel: 323-64-96
Ticket office: We-Su 11-17:30; Vasileostrovskaya

Rumyantsev Mansion
Museums (77)
Designed by Glinka in 1827 in Empire style. Since 1953 houses Museum of History of Leningrad during the Siege.
Angliyskaya nab., 44
Tel: 571-75-44
Ticket office: Mo, Th-Su 11-17, Tu 11-17

Russian Museum
Museums (77)
The largest museum of Russian art. Opened in 1898 in Mikhaylovskiy Palace, designed in 1819-1825 by Rossi. Displays over 400,000 works by the Russian artists.
Inzhenernaya ul., 4
Answering machine: 314-83-68
Information: 595-42-48
Excursions reservation: 314-34-48
Ticket office: Mo 10-16, We-Su 10-17; Gostinyy Dvor

Russian Museum of Ethnography
Museums (77)
The largest ethnography center. History, life and culture of the different peoples and ethnic groups of Russia in 19th-20th centuries. Collection of art and craftwork, clothes, jewelry, tools, toys and other everyday things.
Inzhenernaya ul., 4/1
Tel: 570-54-21
Ticket office: Tu-Su 10-17; closed last Fr of the month; Gostinyy Dvor

State Museum of Political History of Russia
Museums (77)
Situated in the former mansion of the prima ballerina of the Mariinskiy Theater Malilda Kshesinskaya. The museum expositions show the main stages of the political history of Russia in the late 18th-early 21th centuries.
Kuybysheva ul., 2-4
Tel: 233-70-52
Ticket office: Mo-We, Fr-Su 10-17; Gorkovskaya

St. Isaac's Cathedral
Churches, Russian Orthodox >> Cathedrals (11)
Built in 1818-1858 by architect Montferrand. Named for St. Isaac of Dalmatia, whose burial service coincided with Peter the Great's birth. Works by sculptors Vitali and Klodt, artists Bryullov and Bruni, bell master Stukolkin and others. Cathedral is adorned with monolithic columns of Karelian granite and walls of marble, and with statues of Evangelists and Apostles. Dome terrace (101,5 meters) has the best view of St. Petersburg.
Museums (77)
Built in 1818-1858 by architect Montferrand. Named for St. Isaac of Dalmatia, whose burial service coincided with Peter the Great's birth. Works by sculptors Vitali and Klodt, artists Bryullov and Bruni, bell master Stukolkin and others. Cathedral is adorned with monolithic columns of Karelian granite and walls of marble, and with statues of Evangelists and Apostles. Dome terrace (101,5 meters) has the best view of St. Petersburg.
Isaakievskaya pl., 1
Tel: 315-97-32
Nevskiy Prospekt

St. Peter and Paul Fortress
Museums (77)
Built by Peter the Great in 1703 on Zayachiy Island to defend shores of the Neva. Peter the Great and other Emperors are buried in the Peter and Paul Cathedral. Principal buildings and exhibits include: Peter and Paul Cathedral (Trezini 1712-1733), Commandant’s House, Mint, former prison of Trubetskoy bastion.
Petropavlovskaya krepost, 3
Tel: 230-03-29
Ticket office: Mo, Th-Su 11-17, Tu 11-16; Gorkovskaya

St. Petersburg Museum of Toys
Museums (77)
Displays folk, factory manufactured and unique toys dating from 16th century onwards from 30 countries of the world
Karpovki r. nab., 32
Tel: 234-43-12
Ticket office: Tu-Su 11-18; closed last Tu of the month; Petrogradskaya

St. Petersburg Puppet Museum
Museums (77)
Puppets from private collections made by leading artists of St. Petersburg.
Kamskaya ul., 8
Tel: 327-72-24
Ticket office: daily 10-17:00; Vasileostrovskaya

Stroganovskiy Palace, Branch of the Russian Museum
Museums (77)
Built in 1752-1754 by Rastrelli, interiors partly rebuilt by Voronikhin in 1790. Belonged to Stroganov's, one of Russia's leading families, noted art collectors and patrons. Displays temporary exhibits from the Russian museum collection and wax exhibit.
Nevskiy pr., 17
Tel: 314-58-01
Ticket office: Mo 10-17, We-Su 10-17, voskovye figury: daily 11-21; Nevskiy Prospekt

Submarine D-2 "Narodovolets", Branch of the Central Naval Museum
Museums (77)
Built in 1927 on Baltiyskiy plant. Participated in battle actions of the Great Patriotic War.
Shkiperskiy protok, 10
Tel: 356-52-77
Ticket office: We-Su 11-17; closed last Th of the month; Primorskaya

Suvorov Memorial Museum
Museums (77)
Opened in 1904. Displays a stained glass gala portrait of Alexander Suvorov, his military awards and personal firearms, along with trophies of the Russian army and Russian and Turkish trophy banners.
Kirochnaya ul., 43
Tel: 579-39-14
Ticket office: Mo, Th-Su 10-17; closed first Mo of the month; Chernyshevskaya

The Hermitage
Museums (77)
One of the greatest museums in the world with over 3 mln exhibits. Housed in Winter Palace, Small Hermitage, Old Hermitage, New Hermitage and General Staff Building. Principle collection includes: antiquities, Italian, Dutch, Flemish, French, German, English, Oriental art.
Dvortsovaya nab., 34
Information: 571-34-65
Answering machine: 710-96-25
Excursions reservation: 571-84-46
Ticket office: Tu-Sa 10:30-17, Su 10:30-16; Nevskiy Prospekt

The Universe of Water (Water World of St. Petersburg)
Museums (77)
Museum complex. Tells about water mysteries
Shpalernaya ul., 56
Tel: 438-43-75
Ticket office: We-Su 10-19; Chernyshevskaya

Zoological Museum RAN
Museums (77)
The oldest and largest in Europe. Animals, fish and insects from all over the world: 40,000 specimens, stuffed mammoths from permafrost.
Universitetskaya nab., 1
Tel: 328-01-12
Ticket office: We-Th, Sa-Mo 10-16:45; Vasileostrovskaya

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