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Nighttime entertainment

St. Petersburg nightlife offers a great deal of forms of entertainment. It abounds in concerts, cultural evenings and theaters to elaborate variety shows at restaurants, striptease at nightclubs and intimate dancing at night bars.
There is an abundance of nightclubs and entertainment centers, dozens of casinos, and an enormous list of restaurants which can suit any taste. Most nightclubs offer their customers high quality musical and variety shows. Some even compete with restaurants offering superb cooking.

Club Metro

Nighttime entertainment (6)
6 bars, 3 dancing halls
Ligovskiy pr., 174
Tel: 766-02-04
Daily 22-6; Ligovskiy Prospekt

Golden Dolls
Nighttime entertainment (6)
Erotic show, restaurant serving European and Japanese cuisine
Nevskiy pr., 60
Tel: 571-33-43
Daily 21-6; Gostinyy Dvor

Nighttime entertainment (6)
Voronezhskaya ul., 2a
Tel: 764-43-55
Daily 12-6; Ligovskiy Prospekt

Nighttime entertainment (6)
Erotic show, restaurant. European, Japanese cuisine.
Kirpichnyy per., 8
Tel: 571-47-56
Daily 19-6; Nevskiy Prospekt

Nighttime entertainment (6)
Casino, nightclub, restaurant, slot machines
Moskovskiy pr., 111
Tel: 369-35-75
Su-We 22-6, Th 19-6, Fr-Sa 20-6; Moskovskie Vorota

Rossi's Club
Nighttime entertainment (6)
Nightclub, restaurant serving European cuisine, discotheque, concerts
Zodchego Rossi ul., 1/3
Tel: 710-40-16
Mo-Fr 11-6, Sa-Su 18-6; Gostinyy Dvor

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